Success Stories

Adopted Veteran families for Christmas!

Delivered Gifts to Active Duty families at Ft. Hood 

Christmas Packages sent to Soldiers
in Afghanistan! ​

Veteran Stephen Jackel is a true war hero.  He lost both of his legs due to injuries of war. Stephen is a warrior who presses on with great strength despite all he has been through.  It was a huge honor to send him and his beautiful family to Great Wolf Lodge for some much needed family time. We have men like Stephen to thank for our freedom.
Though it isn't our main mission.... God provided!
​We helped Ernest Berthet,disabled veteran and single father, with rent and car payment.

He wrote:"I want to give a special thanks to American Trooper! You guys went above and beyond the call of Duty. You have made it possible that I may rest in the peace of mind that tomorrow is all but guaranteed! I would have been fighting a battle with no seeming end if it weren't for you! Thanks to you my daughter and I still have a place to call home after the chaos we have endured!
What makes a Hero? Not awards or decorations, simply put.... it's selfless actions to see others rise up, and stand in the face of fear and worry, you American Trooper are a true hero, my hero. Thank you." 
Sincerely,(Ty) Ernest Berthet